1. Who can get involved? We encourage Christian women, however, it is not restricted to Christians.
  2. When is the next meeting? June 7, 2015. Registration is 6:30 p.m. With the meeting at 7:00 p.m.
  3. Where is the meeting being held? The meetings will be held at Heartland Forest.
  4. How do I become a member? Complete a member form found under Join Us on this website.
  5. How often do we meet? We meet once every three months commencing in March 2015.
  6. What is expected of me as a member? Each member commits to donate $100 per meeting, four times a year. Members are eligible to nominate the recipients they would like to see receive the funds. If your nomination is chosen, be prepared to give a quick 5 minute talk about your nominee and why they should receive the donation or you can have someone else do this for you. Voting takes place at the meetings. Only members present at the meetings can vote. If you are unable to make the meeting you can send the donation with a trusted friend or send a cheque, to Women of the Way and we will forward, as part of our entire donation, to the recipient. Please make cheques out to the recipient and not to Women of the Way.
  7. Do I receive an income tax receipt? A tax receipt will be issued by the non profit organization directly to the member. However, please be aware that we are open to nominations that can be truly benefited by our donations even though tax receipts can not be provided.
  8. Can I nominate more than one organization or need/cause? Yes, you are not restricted from nominating as many organizations or persons in need as you wish.
  9. Are there any guidelines I must follow in nominating an organization? Yes there are a few and you can review them under our guidelines tab on our website.
  10. If my organization is chosen, can I re-nominate them at the next meeting? No, any nominee who is chosen must wait 3 year before they are eligible to be nominated again.
  11. What if there is a tie in the voting? In the event of a tie, members will vote on whether to draw between the two or divide the donation.
  12. How do I find out if my organization has been nominated? Three nominees will be chosen at random on the night of the meeting. If someone is not there to represent them, then it will not be up for consideration. It will go back into the ‘hat’ and another will be drawn. All recipients of the funds will be posted on the website.